Friday, December 12, 2008

Welcome to the UCF T&T Blog

Hi everyone,
Terie had the idea to start a group blog for us to post course advice, questions, angst, whatever on as we go through the program. Those of us in Hist of T&T this semester are doing something similar, but just as a class blog. I thought I'd start this one up. (Many iterations of texts and tech were taken- so the title is based on a project those of us in Hist of T&T did this semester- if you're interested, it's at

I'll invite everyone to sign up as an author- then whoever else wants admin privileges let me know & I'll add them (I definitely don't want to be the only admin person, especially since I've never had a blog before). Whoever signs up as an author when invited will be able to post. Does this sound workable? Unfortunately, I don't have everyone's e-mail address. So I'll e-mail those whose addresses I have- this doesn't mean I'm leaving anyone out deliberately! Those in Hist of T&T- if you have anyone else's e-mail addresses, let me know what they are so I can invite those folks.

(cross-posted on our webcourses site, for however long that lasts...)